Friday, 25 December 2015

OOps ! Wisa displays ‘manhood‘ on stage?

It was so disgraceful. I really felt pity for him up there. This is way out of order. It's sad really.

Upcoming musician Wisa known for his controversial hit song ‘Ekiki Me’ which featured Luther, got audience confused as he bared his manhood on stage at Decemba 2 Rememba 2015 show yesterday at the Accra International Conference Center. [Watch Video After Cut]

Wisa who apparently appeared on stage with his pants down showing off his grey boxer shorts seemed prepared to let ‘everything hang loose’ to probably thrill fans.

Unfortunately, Wisa failed to impress as the irate crowd booed him off stage with his ‘generous exposure of his envy of all mankind’ heighten by a serious grinding with his female dancer on stage.

Excited Wisa who had actually pounced on his dancer from behind and enjoying the groove had to be dragged off stage by DJ Armani.