Monday, 9 November 2015

My Hero - Caroline Sampson Tells Her Story of a Decade of Showbiz on Twitter

So i was closely monitoring one of my showbiz Icons Caroline Sampson share her story on twitter last Night and because it was kinda 140 characters per episode lol, i took time to gather pieces together to get the full story for the end she saids 'IT'S POSSIBLE....all i'm saying...

Read twitter Story after inspired by her story and start doing something great with every little opportunity.

One of those days at the cafe I saw the advert on tv. I got this funny feeling, do I have The test was to send my pic to the email on tv. Ofcourse I had Internet access so easy. The other cafe attendant wasn't interested. I did... it to be on? How'd it happen? Me? Let me test it..Days later I got a call to audition at Alisa hotel. I didnt even know where that was lol. I was surprised and nervous but a friend took me..We got there, saw over 300 girls and I asked that we go back home. University girls, giving all the pressure with make up and clothes? Nah..My friend wouldn't listen, we got a number, 300 and sth chale..we were just going over things I would say about malaria when I go in lol..

Mind you we were all sacked from the cafe a week after I sent my details for the pageant. I got lucky with a gym in the same hood though..So I went in and the panel talked about my ear(it was small) gym(my physique+tummy) They asked me to walk which I did, tomboy but yeah..It was not so serious like I thought it would be. They asked me to leave but I wasn't happy. No question on malaria? None for a nobody?..I told my friend they said if I don't hear from them during the week, that's it. Not good. Why did I even bother? I won't make it. Who am I?Mon-Fri I over charged my nokia 33'11 at the gym, still no call. Just when I was about closing the call came through for another audition.Another audition at charter house. Again i didnt know where it was. We(another friend & i) found it lol only 30 sth girls this time..Only 20girls make it to the house, 10 to the finale, 1 to the crown, cash and car lol I was waiting to audition when this girl rushed out..Supposed to be at the door helping the girls in, Jessica thought I had some good confidence because of that. I didn't see any guy chale..I got a call and was told I have been chosen to contest. One of the 20. I now had to tell my mom what I had gotten myself into. Someway..And when the end came, I was put on radio(Atlantis) A week after the finale.
No qualification! CEO said watch and learn. You can do it..It's been 10years since then. Been watching and learning from the pros. Jobs upon jobs upon jobs and it keeps getting better. 11-11-2005 IT IS POSSIBLE... all I'm saying. Goodnight
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