Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Soulja Boy Drops Mayweather, Gets Evander Holyfield to Help Him Train

Reports indicates that Soulja Boy has scrapped Floyd Mayweather Jr. from his corner for his anticipated boxing match against Chris Brown. There was reason to speculate that Mayweather would be dropped when earlier this month, Soulja Boy took to social media to express discouragement over
how long the process was taking to get all of the logistics hammered down under Mayweather Promotions. It appeared as though Floyd and 50 Cent went silent after the SODMG rapper released a series of tweets in which he threatened to upstage the world champion boxer turned promoter, by throwing and selling the fight all by himself.

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy's camp has reached out to Evander Holyfield to train him, in an effort to keep a demand for the event going. With Mike Tyson claiming to be in Chris Brown's corner, the inclusion of Holyfield would stoke the memory of nostalgic boxing fans, who remember their bloody 90's rivalry, in which Mike infamously bit a piece of Evander's ear off.

How likely it remains that the fight will actually take place at this point is anybody's guess.

Credit: TMZ