Thursday, 19 October 2017

Teen Uncle Allegedly Confessed to Drowning his 6-Year-Old Nephew with Autism in Bathtub

A teen uncle of a 6-year-old Washington boy found dead in a dumpster Tuesday allegedly confessed to drowning him in a bathtub reports claim.
Andrew Henckel, 19, of Kerrville, Texas, allegedly told police during questioning that he was visiting his relatives in Lynnwood, Washington, and had been left to care for nephew Dayvid Pakko at the boy’s apartment between 2 and 3 p.m. Tuesday.

“Henkel admitted, during that time, he filled the bathtub with water with the intention of drowning and killing Dayvid. Henckel admitted to
calling Dayvid to the bathroom, picking him up and placing him face down in the water, and holding Dayvid’s head underneath the water while Dayvid struggled for approximately 30 seconds before becoming still,”
when asked by authorities why he submerged the head of his nephew, said he did so to “kill him.”

According to Henckel’s alleged confession, his nephew, who had autism, began “thrashing his feet.” At that point, Henckel allegedly used his knees to hold down the child’s calves.

Once the boy was dead, Henckel allegedly said he left his body in the bathtub facedown for approximately six minutes. He then allegedly pulled the plug to drain the water while finding dry clothes to change into. Henckel then allegedly went to his nephew’s room, took the blanket off his bed and wrapped the boy’s body in it.

Henckel allegedly said that he used a cardboard box found in the home to carry Dayvid’s body outside to the dumpster. He then went back inside and reclined on the couch, waiting for the child’s family to return home