Friday, 24 March 2017

LiFE ( Life is For Everybody ) Foundation : What You Need To Know

LiFE (Life is For Everybody) Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation, based in Ghana. They exist with the aim of creating awareness on suicide and its prevention through education and sharing of resourceful information with People in every community.
The aim of this Organisation is to help stop people from committing suicide and also educate the general public on the causes and preventive measures. The organisation also strive to help suicide survivors get out of the possible cause of the first failed attempt. They also engaged in charity donations to children, the aged, and people in need as such situations are likely to drag one into committing the act of suicide.

To be a Volunteer or to donate in cash or in Kind, Please see Contact details below:

Phone:  0542887790  / 0240260256  /  0205388601

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