Sunday, 16 October 2016

Trinity Gay's mother, Shoshana Boyd, speaks out about her daughter's death

L: Trinity Gay     R: Shoshana Boyd (Trinity's mother)

Shoshana Boyd was distraught after learning that her daughter, Trinity Gay, 15, was the victim of a random shooting. Trinity was fatally struck by a stray bullet when a group of men exchanged gunfire between two cars outside the Cook Out restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky. Poor Trinity was just
hanging out with her friends when she was shot.

“She was so innocent, she was so innocent,” Shoshana told the NY Daily News, crying. “I just want people to stop shooting and realize who they’re hurting. It’s just random. They don’t understand, they don’t understand who they’re hurting. I should never have to bury my child. She wanted to be the fastest woman in the world, and they took that away from her.”

NY Daily News