Friday, 21 October 2016

Photo: 2 year Old Born with "Double face" - Here is how that happened

The now 15-month-old boy, Kangkang, from China was born with an open face, leading the local press to dub him the "mask baby. "He looks as if he has two faces, one on top of the other,
an abnormality that the poor child has had to endure since his birth. The fault very likely  belongs his mother, who took drugs during her pregnancy. The results are indeed sobering.Ablepharon macrostomia syndrome is a disease which is similar to the well-known harelip, but differs from it in  that not only the palate or the lip is split, rather  the entire jaw bone, which results in a divided face.  In the first hospital, Kangkang's mother was told that he suffered from a "monster disease." Her relatives suggested that she give her child away. But Kangkang's mother didn't give him away, nor did she give up on him; instead, she wanted to do everything she could to rectify her  error.

Kangkang underwent a thorough examination at a modern hospital in Shanghai and the doctors gave his mother new hope: Kangkang could actually be operated on and his mother wouldn't have to pay for it!  Since his case is unique, it is not guaranteed that  the operation will be successful. It will  also take some time until the preparations have been  completed. Hopefully, Kangkang will have a  normal childhood to look forward to. We  wish him all the best!