Monday, 19 September 2016

Lord-Paper Cancels New Music Video Release - Here is Why

Rapper Lord Paper was set to release another video today but had to cancel that. The rapper who released  the Video of his song "Awurama" some weeks ago received severe criticism and backlash from Public because it was sexually revealing and nude in nature. He said he had to quit releasing this current video because of a piece of sound advise he received from Trigmatic. These were his exact words

"I changed my mind, I think its time I end it., I wanted to prove a point and I think i already have.., The industry should try and create a platform for the Underground artistes, so we don’t have to pull stunts to get attention ., I apologize to Ghanaians for the immoral act even though it’s art, I’m actually a good kid, I respect my country and the morality of the country… I promise it won’t happen again. I was supposed to drop a video today but looking at the explicit nature of it, I personally think it’s enough. I’m not dropping it anymore but I promise to shoot a mind blowing video with Yaa Pono on the remix so people can actually see the creativity.. I promise to bring good music for Ghanaians to enjoy and see me as a good Artiste and not a good Pornstar. And I’m not gay, I’m straight but respect freedom of choice. Thanks to Trigmatic for his advice this morning., I’m listening to you brother… I’m actually a rapper and when a rapper starts singing means he’s been hungry for long.. The more hungry you become the more you explore your talent. I’ve dropped 3 songs after Awurama. SikaDuro, NorthK-Guy and the new one Pono which has Yaa Pono on the remix. You guys are still yet to see the other side of Lord-Paper the NorthK-Guy… Shouts the North-K… And to all the underground artists, if you don’t have money for studio recordings, just come to NorthK MMC studio., I got your back🙏🏾 Michael Takyi Frimpong aka Lord-Paper"