Monday, 25 July 2016

Dumsor is Back better and Rejuvinated, Forget the President's "Sabotage" Excuse - Here Is What you must know...

The ‘real’ truth is finally out regarding why Ghanaian households and businesses are going through the current renewed excruciating and devastating effects of energy crisis, after the nation had been consistently fed with obvious lies by President John Dramani Mahama and functionaries of his National Democratic Congress government.

President Mahama recently told Ghanaians that the ongoing ‘dumsor’ was the result of ‘sabotage’ on the lines of the West African Gas Pipeline Company, which transmits gas from Nigeria-Gas (N-Gas) to the nation.

But it has now been established that the nation is going through the current effects of ‘dumsor’ not because of any sabotage, as President Mahama had claimed, but all because his government had failed to meet its financial obligation of about $103m to WAGPCo for gas transmission.

A letter announcing the termination of service rendered by WAGPCo, dated June 16, 2016 with reference number 1.E.25.10-9987, puts the total debt owed the company at US$101.736 million as at June 1, 2016.