Monday, 7 March 2016

Murder D'or : Man kills friend over Messi, Ronaldo argument

A heated argument between two Nigerians in Mumbai, India, over who is the best footballer in the world, yesterday, ended on a sad note as one of the two friends lost his life in the process. 

The incident occurred on Sunday morning at Mahesh building, Ostwal Nagri, Nalasopara East.
A 22-year-old Michael, Chukwuma, attended Obinna Durumchukwu’s 34th birthday celebrations on
Saturday night.

The party continued till 9am Sunday morning. The two drunk friends then proceeded to play football in the common balcony on the building’s third floor.

The report said the two ended up with the popularly argument over who, between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo was the greater player.

Obinna was said to have thrown an empty bottle at Michael. The bottle missed Michael, hit a wall and smashed into pieces. Michael then picked up a glass piece and cut off Obinna’s neck who died on the spot,Times of India reports.