Thursday, 14 January 2016

What ! - Meet 41-Year-Old Man Who Has Over 800 Children

At 41, Simon Watson could boast of having well over 800 children having been a sperm donor for sixteen years.
Simon Watson
Notwithstanding the great number, Watson intends to break world record by having up to 1,000 children.

He said: “I would like to get the world record. Make sure no one else is going to break it. Get as many as possible. Within four years I would like to crack a thousand, if I can.”

The British businessman who has been selling his sperm claims he has fathered about one child per week.

“I’ve been donating for a long time now. I used to go through sperm banks, but doing it myself is much more convenient for me,” he said.

Watson who began the business after his first marriage crashed, now operates on Facebook, where he sells his seed for about $72 a pop.

He said: “I became a sperm donor after my first marriage broke down. I knew I wanted more kids, so that’s why I started.

“My second wife knew I did it, and (that) I was never going to stop doing it. I think she accepted it. I don’t know if she really liked it though. It’s a bit weird even though it’s all done in plastic cups.”