Saturday, 2 January 2016

Miss Esi Donrinda Reminds Ghanaians to Uphold Peace - New Year Message

Miss Donrinda 
Aspiring Students Representative Council (SRC) General Secretary from the University of Cape Coast  Today January 2, 2016 took to social media to share her New Year and goodwill message to students , lecturers, administrators as well as the people of Ghana to Uphold peace and eschew conducts that will put the nation and lives in danger

See, bearing grudge against somebody is a useless and fruitless adventure.
Grudge bearing requires a huge investment of time, energy, resources etc. This makes it useless, especially as you stand to gain nothing from this investment.

In some instances, you are forced to augment your activities because you don't want to fall into the "soup" of the other person.
You sometimes avoid certain routes because you want to "dodge" the other person. You are forced to sleep outside because you couldn't simply ask you room mate to open the door to you.
Some even foolishly extend the grudge to the friends of the other person they bear grudge against.

One thing you have to understand is that we have individual differences and as such you can't expect everybody to act according to your expectation.
We were nurtured in different environments. We have different cultural, religious and social orientations.
If you understand this basic PRINCIPLE OF COOPERATION, you will realize that you won't be disappointed by the actions of people.

You have to make peace! Don't worry about who is right and who is wrong. Am sure if you begin the analysis of who offended who, it will take eternity and no meaningful conclusion will be made.
Let it go! Don't start the new year with a heavy heart. Pick your phone and call that person. Do this as a moral obligation and set yourself from the bondage of grudge bearing. Peace reigns.