Saturday, 16 January 2016

Back To School with Esi Donrinda !

Miss Esi Donrinda - Aspiring Gen. Sec - (SRC) - UCC
With the Academic calender suggesting to students to forget the christmas and new year celebration and head back to campus this weekend, aspiring General Secretary of  the Students Representative Council - University of Cape Coast campus has taken some time out to welcome all students back to school and had some few words of encouragement, and positive wishes to her colleagues and staff. here is what she saids;

So all so soon we are expected to report on campus today. It is very normal for the level 100s to rush to school (because they miss school) and the continuing students to stay a little longer at home. As a matter of fact, those who missed their girlfriends and boyfriends already reunited with them some time last week...
It is rather unfortunate some people will start the semester on a good note and others on a bad note but it all depends on how good last semester's grades were.
As usual the "Coms' Skills" will give some people broken heart. I pray it does not give you one if you are in your first year. Amen
This semester promises to be interesting especially for the fact that it is usually very eventful. Once again, the traditional halls of residence will try to outwit each other for the best Hallweek Celebration.
ADEHYE will have their bonfire, VALCO will bring their artist, NKRUMAH hall will also enjoy their in-house party, ATL will have their unique and most famous Cultural Heritage Night, the GENTLEMEN will showcase their Superpowers and THE PREMIERS will climax it with the AFAHYE.
The party lovers will also have their way out with big parties from major event houses. Already FADES & TATTERS is trending and I am sure soon some other parties will also start rolling.
The football fanatics will make the JCRs their second room as the second round of the various European leagues get keener and tougher.
My personal favourite of the semester is the end of semester DINNERS which will be organized by the various associations. The departments' dinner, the halls' dinner, the associations' dinner, the churches dinner and etc.
As usual, some students like myself, will gatecrash the dinners and make it their business to be hopping from one dinner to the other.
The topmost event in the semester is the POLITICAL activities that will engulf campus. Its very normal to find posters, stickers, flyers, banners etc flying around campus in the bid of aspirants to win the support of students. As an aspirant myself please don't count me out and in fact I apologise in advance for the damages my messages might cost to your phone. *smiles*
Apart from the fact that your phones will be bombarded with phone calls and text messages, you also stand the chance of enjoying some goodies like free shuttle, porridge, yoghurt and etc from the aspirants but more importantly we get to grill them on issues to get the finest with the hope that they dont betray us when they get to the top. I pray I don't betray you when I get there. May God help me.
We should also get prepared for the religious activities by the various religious groups. I know of DIVINE VISITATION & VINAROMA by the Assemblies of God but I also know the other denominations also have fantastic programmes to offer.
Unfortunately all these activities are at the mercy of your GPA. Lecturers will definitely fix quizzes when the enjoyment is at its Apex so some call this semester the "GPA DEFLATOR". I pray your GPA inflates instead.
All said and done, I wish you a WONDERFUL SEMESTER and to those on their back to campus, I say SAFE JOURNEY.
Let's begin the semester with God and end with him because my three years in UCC have proven that with Him all things are possible. Please take your studies and God seriously this semester. Enjoy your semester!