Wednesday, 13 January 2016

As Seen on Facebook - Guantanamo Movie is Out ?

I am sure you have heard movie titles like: Osama Bin Laden, Tonga, Yentie Obiaa, Sir John, Castro Amanehunu, Oh Vera, Ayari Cough, Maricruz, Menam Na Metete, Obinim Schwaznager, among others. Perhaps, you are surprised that till now movies like “Dumsor”, “Useless Questions”, “Shatta Wale”, “KKD”, “Ms. Ada”, etc. have not been produced and released onto the market.

But the recent trending issue with the two Guantanamo Detainees seems to have caught the attention of the kumawood movie industry. whether this is true or not, i could't resist the urge to bring to your notice this new movie that may soon hit our screens