Monday, 30 November 2015

Madness! Canadian Lottery Jackpot Winner Dies After Gold-Plating His Testicles

Justin Reiter from Alberta, Canada, died of medical complications after attempting to gold plate his testicles to celebrate an astonishing $598,556 jackpot win.

According to friends, the 27-year-old was fascinated with the 2002 movie comedy Goldmember, an
Austin Powers parody of the Bond movie Goldfinger in which Powers is hunting a criminal mastermind who colors his victims’ man parts in gold.
Justin started by painting his private parts with a lead-based paint, but quickly decided that a simple colouring wasn’t enough: he needed to take it to the next level, he needed the real gold. To complete the makeshift operation, Reiter used a professional automotive gold plater that he borrowed from a garage. Unfortunately in the twelve hours following the procedure, Justin encountered a series of health issues that ultimately led to his death.
Autopsy reports shows that the actual cause of death was lead-based paint poisoning. Dr Ian Joseffson of the Alberta Community Hospital warns of a growing trend of wannabe gangsters attempt the “deadly operation”.
Some experts believe the trend stems from the Mayas who painted their bodies with gold to empower themselves as offering the gods.