Friday, 16 October 2015

My Top 3 Bloggers In Africa - Guess who's No.1

In my few months of researching and practicing blogging, i have been intrigued by the creativity and artistic expression of professionalism that some bloggers all over the world have exhibited .

I have been visiting blogs of some high-profiled bloggers in Africa especially in the entertainment industry. By merit of hardwork and creativity, here are my top three bloggers on the african continent.

3. Ameyaw Debrah (Ghana)

I read alot of Ameyaw's stories and i love his work so much - very inspiring, enthusiastic and very creative at what he does. I love his work and that makes him my third favourate blogger in Africa.

People might disagree, but to me Ameyaw Debrah is my third favourate. From a humble beginning, he has risen to become one of Africa's powerhouse in entertainment and showbiz blogging. Thank you Ameyaw for inspiring me to do what i have always love to do.

2. Laila (Nigeria)

One of the most exciting blogs i go to read and observe what goes around in the entertainment indusrty and what is happening around the world in in the industry, laila's blog will give you what you want.

She has been very pivotal in my studies about the entertainment industry and all that. i highly recommend that you visit her blog if you want up-to-speed enternatinment and celebrity stories happening around the world.

1. Linda Ikeji (Nigeria)

Linda Ikeji By far is my number one blogger in Africa right now!. I love her work, her posts are exceptional. She is very smart at what she does and really, she has been my source of motivation and inspiration. I love her and i love her work. I don't need to say alot about Linda. She is simply the best believe it or not.

The multiple award winner and as some will claim the most controversial blogger in Africa is my Number One. Thank you Linda for igniting my passion for blogging.