Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ghanaian rapper goes 'mad'

Tema-based rapper Blaq Sam known for his hit single Esi Ne Vera is mad; Pope Skinny has revealed. Pope Skinny on Tuesday afternoon was on Hitz FM narrating the sad incident which has affected the musician negatively.

“A lot of people don’t want me to say this on radio, but it is about time we create the awareness for Blaq Sam because whether we like it or not, Blaq Sam is mad”, Pope Skinny told Amanda Jissih.

He continued that “people disagree when we say he has gone mad, but everybody at Tema knows that he is mad. He sleeps on the streets”.

Recounting the state he met Blaq Sam, Pope Skinny disclosed that he felt very bad when he saw the onetime hitmaker on the streets of Tema sometime ago.

“I felt very bad when I met him in that condition. I had heard that he was not well, but I did not know that it had gone to that extent so I felt very bad when I saw him. I posted a picture I took with him on Facebook to create awareness to help him recover”.

Former member of Praye group, Kente who also joined Amanda Jissih on the show via confirmed the madness of Blaq Sam. Kente said the madness has been there for long, but it was not stable.

“The madness has been there for long but anytime he visits his mother, it goes off. We do not know why the madness goes off anytime he returns from his mother’s place.”

Hinting on the possible cause of Blaq Sam’s madness, Kente revealed that “issues from his house, peer pressure and some drugs all attributed to this”.

Blaq Sam is known for 2009 hit song “Esi Ne Vera” which featured collapsed hiplife group Praye.