Wednesday, 23 September 2015

"Ghana in the eyes of God: Epic of Injustice" Video Premiered

Yesterday went down in the history books of Ghana but for the very unpleasant reasons as Anas Aremeyaw Ana, an investigative journalist released a Video recording of some corrupt judges taking bribes to distort Justice and Judgment of cases and disputes.

Controversies surrounded the decision to bring the video to the public domain by Anas and his team as section of the Ghanaian populates had their own views about the implications of the video brought to the public domain will have on the Judiciary Service in Ghana.

Titled “Ghana in the Eyes of God: Epic of Injustice, the three hour premiere attracted thousands of people across the country. Government officials and members of the diplomatic corps as well as politicians and academicians were at the Centre to watch the documentary film. After the video was aired yesterday, some section of the Ghanaian populates described the acts of the Judges as very worrying and alarming.  

It has already caused a stir among the Judicial Service as 22 circuit court judges and magistrates have been interdicted while 12 high court judges are standing trial to determine a prima facie case, if any, against them.